Our nephew, Jackson, just got himself some farming overalls that he can wear while riding the tractor with his Bupa! Needless to say he was very proud of his new outfit!


Jackie and I have known Cara pretty much our entire lives. Jackie is best friends with here younger sister, and I grew up two houses down from her. Taking pictures for friends is always a stress-free event. We are able to let our guards down way before the session and just have fun with it. Cara was a beautiful bride, and we wish her and Sean a wonderful life as husband and wife.


The moment I saw my son for the first time, my entire world stopped. For that moment it was just my son, my wife, and myself. We were one family of three persons connected by the love we shared with one another. As cliché as it might sound, that moment was the happiest moment of my life next to my wedding day. Cameron Brooks Charanza has grown so much during these past few months since he made his grand entrance into our world. However, he still tugs on our hearts. Looking at these pictures brings back that beautiful day when Cameron came into our lives.


I will never forget the moment Jackie told me she was pregnant. Joy immediately filled my entire being. At that instant I realized our family had increased by one. Our life and our love was about to be shared by a third person. We could not completely understand that present situation. Our minds flooded with questions and excitement. In the months to follow, we joyfully waited with extreme anxiety for our son’s arrival. It is so special anticipating the birth of a child – whose existence is a divine gift, brought forth by the love between a mother and a father.